Fox Valley Land Foundation is proud to announce its merger with
The Conservation Foundation.

Together we can save even more!  But what does this mean?

  • Fox Valley Land Foundation's projects, programs and mission will all continue to be carried out.
  • A Transition Committee (see list at bottom of page) will provide history and continuity.
  • Fox Valley Land Foundation's members are now members of The Conservation Foundation.
  • The restoration ethos and dedication of Fox Valley Land Foundation will continue and spread to the larger region served by The Conservation Foundation.

During its 15-year history, Fox Valley Land Foundation has always wanted to do more to conserve the disappearing land in the Fox Valley.  This merger will achieve just that:  a larger, more effective organization under the name of The Conservation Foundation that will ultimately accelerate land protection and preservation efforts in Kane County and the Fox Valley.  Together we can save even more!

If you have any questions about preserving or restoring your land, please call The Conservation Foundation at 630-553-0687 or visit


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Together we can save even more!


Transition Committee

Mitch Adamus: madamus@ameritech .net                                        Liz

Tom                                 Paul

Sue                                          Steve

Jon Duerr                                                                                         Sue George

Carol                                                  Rich GuerardRICH@WYDP.COM

Carol Hancock                                                                                 Sue

Susan Jayne                                                                                      June

Rob                                                Dan

Julie                                                         Patrick

Mary Ochsenschlager                                                                      Jack

Sabine        Day